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About  of Project

The project “Chaozhou LNG Terminal in Fujian-Guangdong Economic Cooperation Zone” is jointly constructed yHuafeng Group and Sinoenergy Corporation(stock code 600856), with an investment of about RMB4.2 billion yuan, and the total storage capacity of 520,000m³. The project will be implemented in two phases. In the first phase with RMB2 billion investment, the construction of 2*100,000m³storage tanks and supporting facilities will be constructed, and the reinforcing transformation of the formerjetty to the 80,000 tons LNG/LPG jetty will be carried out. It is estimated that the project will put into operation in December 2018 at the turnover of 1 million t/a.
In the second phase, another two160,000m³storage tanks and supporting facilities will be constructed for upgrading the terminal, with the turnover capacity of 4 million t/a.
This project has been included in ”13th Five-Year" Energy Plan of Guangdong Province(2016-2020)”, “ Fujian Guangdong Economic Cooperation Plan(2015-2030)”, “Gas Special Plan of Chaozhou” and “2017 Key Construction Projects in Guangdong”. This project will become the emergency peak-shaving gas supply system for"Guangdong Province gas pipeline network" 
Based on the gas supply for Chaozhou City and “Fujian Guangdong Economic Cooperation Zone”, the project can optimize the energy structure of Chaozhou City and ensure the  local gas supply. Furthermore, , as one of the gas supply systems of emergency peak-shaving in Guangdong province, it will greatly improve the reliability of natural gas supply through the high pressurized pipeline and resources interconnection, and establish a multi-source gas supply pattern.

Based on Chaoshan. Serving for Fujian and Guangdong. Open to Domestic Users. Committed to Clean Energy Base.

Ease LNG shortage in Guangdong and Fujian provinces. Satisfy the fast growth of market demand.

Set up the emergency peak-shaving gas supply system in Guangdong and Fujian provinces. Ensure the stable supply of LNG.

Optimize energy consumption structure. Promote energy conservation and emission reduction. Achieve sustainable development.

With receiving and distributing function, the terminal can improve the turnover capacity in the southeastern coastland.

Based on the LNG industry chain, building industrial clusters. 

1.Social Significance
Aiming at the energy supply for Chaozhou City and “Fujian Guangdong Economical Cooperation Zone”, the Chaozhou LNG terminal project can optimize the energy structure and guarantee the gas supply for Chaozhou City. Meanwhile, the project can also help the local gas users reduce their production cost and improve their competitiveness of enterprises and increase employment opportunities. The project will play an important role in promoting the development of local economy.
Based on the Chaozhou LNG terminal, the distributed energy (gas power generation) can be realized for the comprehensive utilization of CCHP(Combined Cooling, Heating and Power)in Chaozhou, improving the efficiency of energy utilization, changing the industrial structure of energy utilization, and promoting the development of natural gas for vehicles and ships. At the same time, clean energy will be available in suburban villages and towns through tanker distribution.

2. Environmental Significance
The main component of LNG is methane, of which content is up to 99%. The combustion emissions are carbon dioxide and water, with almost zero emission of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and atmospheric suspended particles. It is the cleanest, most efficient and environmental friendly energy that can be popularized on a large scale at present. The Chaozhou LNG terminal will provide clean energy for the sustainable development of Chaozhou and 

meet the requirements 

3. Economic Significanceof both social development and environmental protection.

After the first phase of Chaozhou LNG terminal project is put into operation, the sales volume of LNG will reach 1 million t/a.The rich sales revenue will bring considerable profits and taxes to the local government and people, thus driving regional economic development. With the operation of the second phase of the project, the terminal's overall turnover capacity will reach 4 million t/a, which will raise t

he sales volume and taxes to a higher level. The project will also promote the development of downstream natural gas industrial users and achieve greater economic benefits.
4.Significance of Industrial Clusters

The commercial operation of the Chaozhou LNG terminal will drive the development of power generation, porcelain production, chemical industry and natural gas for vehicle and ship, which will form a series of industrial clusters as a competitive industrial environment to attract more investors and to help the local companies become the famous enterprises.





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