Chaozhou Zhongkai Huafeng Energy Chain Distribution Co., Ltd.

Chaozhou Zhongkai Huafeng Energy Chain Distribution Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, is a subsidiary enterprise of Chaozhou Huafeng Group Co., Ltd. and the top 100 enterprises in Guangdong Province. The Company is a modern chain enterprise specializing in LPG sales and related distribution services.
The Company has set up a dozen of subordinate gas stations and distribution centers all over the regions of Chaozhou, Meizhou and surrounding areas. Through the chain distribution services, the Company provides high quality LPG and prompt service in time for the local industrial, commercial and residential customers. 
With the strong supports from Huafeng Group, the Company has made full uses of the resources in various places to building the brand of "Huafeng Gas". Firstly, it provides high-quality LPG and "one-stop" distribution service for industrial and commercial enterprises, establishing good and stable cooperative relationship with many local ceramic factories and greatly contributing to the local prosperity in Chaozhou. Secondarily, a  chain distribution center,many retail outlets and franchises have been set up in Chaozhou urban and county areas to provide convenient distribution services for residents, achieving good economic and social benefits, and forming a comprehensive service for safe and efficient network distribution.
With the Company's business philosophy "Provide high quality energy and service for the Society", we are sincerely cooperating with the local community and working together on a better and bright future!