Chaozhou Huafeng Gas Plant Co., Ltd.

Chaozhou Huafeng Gas Plant Co., Ltd., located in Dacheng Bay, Shuocheng Town, Raoping County, Guangdong Province, is a subordinate enterprise of Chaozhou Huafeng Group Co., Ltd.. The Company was founded in March 2000, with a registered capital of 70 million US dollars. The Company is engaging in loading/unloading dangerous chemical products such as liquefied petroleum gas, methanol and dimethyl ether.
The Company owns 2 specialized wharfs respectively with the size 50,000 tons and 2000tons. The specialized wharf can directly berth the very large fully refrigerated liquefied gas tankers, fully pressurized liquefied gas tankers and liquid chemical carriers, etc., with the function of loading and unloading LPG and methanol.