Chaozhou Huafeng Petroleum Products Storage Co. Ltd.

Chaozhou Huafeng Petroleum Products Storage Co., Ltd., located in Raoping County, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, is mainly engaged in the storage and operation of petroleum products such as liquefied petroleum gas, diesel oil, gasoline, toluene, methanol and so on. The Company is equipped with a terminal of 5000 tons, which can berth oil/gas/chemical vessels with the size of less than 5000 tons, and 14 filling parking spaces (6 for liquefied gas and 8 for other products). 
The Company receives the cargoes by vessel and delivers the products mostly by tank truck, as well as by vessel.. It serves as a petroleum products storage for east Guangdong and the neighboring provinces such as Jiangxi and Fujian.

The total storage capacity is 27000 m³(details please referring to the attachment) as below:
1、LPG storage capacity of 3000m³ (3*1000m³atmospheric pressurized spherical tanks) 
2、Diesel oil capacity of 10000m³(2*5000m³normal temperature and pressurized storage tanks with metal fixed roof)
3、Gasoline capacity of 11000m³(1*5000m³and 2*3000m³normal temperature and pressurized tanks with internal floating roof)
4、Chemical products capacity of 3000m³(1*3000m³normal temperature and pressurized tank with internal floating roof)
The T-shaped wharf is composed of 190m front barge terminal, 490m rear approaching bridge and 40m revetment. The parameters and functions of the berth are as follows:

The wharf is equipped with 2 simple cranes, 5 loading/unloading hoses, 1 monitoring system, bitts, explosion-proof lighting fixtures, 1 interim storage tank (400m³), 4 relay pumps and medium conveying pipes of various  diameters and etc.