1 .Facilities and Equipment in Huafeng LPG Production Base

Huafeng LPG production base (the ‘Base’) is located on the east of Hongluo hill, Longwan, Raoping, Guangdong, covering an area of 133,400 m2. The construction of the Base and its first-class LPG refrigerated storage tanks, started from March 2000, and completed in February 2003. The Base put into commercial operation in Feb 2003 and further expanded in 2006. It is now one of the nine largest LPG refrigerated storage terminals in China, with a combined storage capacity of 124,000 m3, including 120,000 m3 for refrigerated cargoes (20,000 m3 × 6 units) and 4000 m3 for pressurized cargoes (1,000m3 × 4 units).
The Base is equipped with its own oil and gas terminal (the ‘Terminal’). The Terminal is located on the west of Da Cheng Bay in Raoping, Guangdong (117°07′44′′E, 23°34′03′′N), extending to the outer sea across the Long Yu Island. The Terminal has one 2,000 dwt jetty and one 50,000 dwt jetty, while the 50,000 dwt jetty has two berths for ships of different tonnage, one capable of receiving ships of 50,000 dwt and the other of 5,000 dwt. The Terminal can berth various types of gas carriers, like fully refrigerated carrier, fully pressurized gas carrier, and chemical carrier. The LPG or methanol loading/unloading can be operated there.

2 .Huafeng Terminal Expansion Plans

1) To expand the 50,000 dwt LPG jetty to an 80,000 dwt LPG/LNG jetty. The expanded jetty will be capable of receiving LPG carriers of 50,000 dwt and LNG carriers of 20,000-165,000 m3.
2) To expand the 2,000 dwt jetty to a 3,000 dwt.
3) To build a breakwater of 825m long to protect the jetty from force of waves, and conduct dredging operations in harbor, U-turn area, and the channel accordingly.


3 .LPG Imports

We are importing LPG from the Middle East, Africa, U.S.A and other regions/counties via ‘Very Large Gas Carrier’ (VLGC) to berth alongside our 50,000 dwt jetty.

4 .LPG Sales

 Utilizing the network information technology, the Company is building up a competitive network of sales/ marketing, logistics distribution and service to provide green energy and the high-quality services to the domestic and foreign countries. The business areas cover Southeast Asian countries and domestic Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang provinces and other places, with more than 200 secondary and tertiary LPG dealers. LPG, our product, is distributed by both truck and vessel. We are equipped with 2 pressurized gas carriers with capacity of 3,200 m3 and 3,700 m3 each, and a professional CDG transport team with more than 10 LPG tank trucks.


5 .LPG Supply Chain

Upstream: LPG suppliers/producers, having propane and/or butane and/or mixed propane and butane resources.
Midstream: Level-1 LPG refrigerated storage tank terminals and Level-2 LPG pressurized tank terminals, importing LPG from the ‘Upstream’ and wholesaling the cargoes via ships, tank trucks and pipelines.
Downstream: Level-3 LPG gas filling stations and level-4 LPG retail stores, wholesaling/retailing LPG gas cylinders to end-users.